South America (Virtual)


Part of the 'Conquer the Continents' Series





Custom South America medal for all participants!

1) Simply Register

2) Complete 5 miles

3) Your medal is on the way!

- Distance is distance


- You can even do shorter distances to make the 5 miles?


It all counts

 - Unique Medal Design -


How does this work?

You can complete these events virtually anywhere. Complete them in your own time & pace. These virtual events can be done running, walking, swimming, cycling, on a treadmill, around your garden etc - distance is distance.

How much is entry?

It's just £10 to enter each event in the series which includes all delivery and processing fees. You will get a confirmation email receipt on each sign up. Then just complete your distance, submit your evidence (see below) and we will dispatch your stunning medal in the post. All entries are non-refundable / non-transferable to other dates / events. (UK competitors only please).

Must I complete the distance for each medal in one go?

No! We understand you may not be up to 5 miles at one time. You can split your races into as many smaller distances as you need. Do daily laps of your garden if you want. Just remember to submit all the smaller distances evidence together for each event at the same time when you're completed. Please note: When entering these events, the entry price is for a space/entry to take part - you are not just purchasing the medal, we want you to work for it! The medal is your reward which gets sent out on submission of your distance(s) evidence.

Can I do more than 5 miles?

Of course! Some people can cover more than 5 miles on any particular run. So as long as your evidence is for 5 miles or greater, you're qualified.

What do you mean by evidence?

On your confirmation email receipt will be a 'RETURN EVIDENCE' email address. If you use a running app, just take a screen grab and send it to that 'RETURN EVIDENCE' email address.

Or send a photo of your treadmill display, running watch, Fitbit etc. As long as it shows 5 miles, you're good.

And of course, selfies and the like of you doing your event are highly encouraged so attach those to your evidence emails too!

Can anyone enter?

Yes - just please take care of any persons under 18yrs competing (parent/guardian completes sign up process for them). Just have fun, run, walk, bike, hike, whatever you want.

Please note: By registering you understand that any injury or damage caused by completing your distance(s) is your own responsibility. Mash Running will not be held responsible for any injury / damage that occurs during your participation. 

When will I get my medal?

We will send medals out once a week, so please allow approx 5-10 working days to receive it. Please check your details are correct on your confirmation email, this is what we use to send your bling out.

Coronavirus / Covid 19

When taking part during these difficult times you MUST still follow the government guidance and stay safe:

*Stay local.

*Social distance at least 6ft from others.

*Do not meet up in large groups.